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112th Labor Day Celebration Reflecting the Best of DOLE and Partners
From the perspective of an On-the-Job Trainee
Thu, May 22, 2014 (Source: DOLE Isabela City)
As the nations continue to industrialize, the efforts of laborers have made a huge impact in creating the highest standard of living among the citizenry. In relevance to this, the Department of Labor and Employment, a government agency which urges the Filipino workforce at the center of their strategic goals never fails to pay tribute to the contributions working men have made to the strength, prosperity and well-being of the community.

Labor Day, an event dedicated to the social and economical achievement of work. This celebration is one of DOLEs much awaited affair and was recently celebrated last May 1, 5am at Rizal Park, Isabela City. Spearheaded by Tripartite Industrial Peace Council, Local Government Unit of Isabela and DOLE, a 4 in 1 activity celebration was prepared and organized.

As a student who is taking an On-the-Job training in DOLE Isabela City Field Office as part of our course program curriculum, I witnessed how the office and it’s partners from the highest position down to the office staffs have prepared for the said affair. The success of the event was all rooted from the effort, time and cooperation exerted by these personnel, partners and my co-OJTs.

On the top of the Labor Day Celebration was the Jog-Walk for Industrial Peace Year 3. Hundreds of participants from the labor, government, different establishment and private sectors gave their best shots during the event. It is very nice to see that despite of their busy schedule and business competition of each establishment, they still managed to wake up early in the morning as a community just to participate and be part of this affair.

After the fun and wellness Jog-Walk, the awarding of 13 deserving employees followed. It generally aimed to award and give recognition, value and appreciation to those employees who, for years have showed dedication on their jobs and put their entire life in serving the interest of their employers. Although the award may not be that prestigious, yet I have seen how important is the honor and great value given them.

Afterwards, the releasing of the Starter Kits to the deserving beneficiaries followed. During my stay here in DOLE office as one of their family, I’ve learned about livelihood formation program. It gives opportunity to those who are incapable to earn a living yet very dedicated and skilled. Although the Starter Kit may not cost that much yet it already serves as a great help in starting a new life not only for themselves but also for their families.

Lastly, the Labor Day celebration ended as the SPES grantees of DOLE made their contribution by conducting a general cleaning in the City’s Grandstand. Despite of the modern lifestyle of students nowadays, it’s really nice to see them preserving our surroundings.

Generally speaking, with the aid of all those who contributed in this affair, the Labor Day celebration was successfully conducted. From a personal perspective I can say that I have learned a lot from this affair. It served as an eye-opener for me about the realities of working and the value of those simple persons who play vital roles in our society. Another thing is that, I believed that to be professional, it doesn’t only require knowledge and skills but also the heart and passion to his job. It is very important for one to realize the real meaning of professionalism. It is not merely based from the great things he had done but from great life he touches and inspires. These are the things that I have seen on each staff and employees here in DOLE office.

On all this, I always remember the words of Mr. Wesley D. Tan on our first day in their office as a trainee. He said that the DOLE office is not their office but the office of those simple laborers like vendors and others. Now I came to fully understand what those words really imply. The DOLE is an office which value simple people with simple dreams yet with huge importance.

By: Claire O. Carpio, DOLE ICFO OJT (Basilan State College)
(Reviewed by Marcie Arcaya, DOLE ICFO, LCO)

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